"Thank you SO much!! My cup feels so full right now.You, your minis and your volunteers are AMAZING!! We can't thank you enough for having us!" ~Lauren J.- Teacher

"Hi Linda, 

Thank you and your volunteers so much for visiting our group yesterday- everyone loved seeing the horses and learning so much about them.  They were the talk of the town after you left! I appreciate your kindness, and we all thank you again." ~Kathy R.- Coordinator, Memory Fitness Center

"Thank you so much for bringing us those fabulous mini’s. Also, your volunteers. This truly a labor of love and kindness! God Bless You All." ~Karen T.- Pickering Manor

"Thank you so much for the most wonderful day we could have imagined. In such a short time, you and your program managed to pull out the sensitive side to my students that we rarely get to see. Thank YOU for creating this program and opening it up to us. Words will never do justice how truly appreciative I am." ~Shauna M.- Teacher

"Thank you so much! It was such an honor and privilege to be able to visit with you and the Mobile Minis today. We are so thankful for the kindness and patience you showed us. We look forward to returning in the future. Thank you for ALL that you do for the community!"  ~Katie P.- Pennsbury School District ​​

"You introduced me to Equine therapy with miniature horses. During the time we were together with Mobile Minis, we went to so many facilities and events and touched so many lives with smiles and happiness. It was a very special time in my life and I will be eternally grateful for what I learned and experienced while you were located in Arizona. ♥♥" ~Cindy G.

"Had SO MUCH fun with Mobile Minis this afternoon! Not only is Linda fabulous and full of passion, but her mini horses are pretty spectacular, too. Super cool experience we will not soon forget! Check out her page and donate some time and love  🐴 💘" ~Anonymous

"Today was the most I saw my Mom smile since her accident! 💖 Thank you Bella! What a wonderful thing you ladies and Baxter do!! 💖 💖 😘" ~Sue Kevin Trimble

"Our son, Danny just got home from his day at Cortney's Place. He had a ball visiting with you all. He can't stop talking about it and loved his picture with the minis, the horse sucker and the stuffed mini. You made his day! We wanted to let you know that you made a difference in his life and we thank you so much!" ~Beth [😍] [🐴] [🐴]

"Thanks for a great experience with your minis! We will watch for future opportunities. Thanks for all you do for the community and your minis!" ~Jennifer Harkins 

"Linda, this makes my heart so happy.... you are an amazing woman heading up an amazing program .... thank you so much for taking these little angels into you program ❤  ❤" ~Donna Ruud

"You all are awesome, Linda! Grateful for your team and ministry. It was a huge success. The families and children enjoyed hanging out with your Minis. Thank you for everything." ~James Guvvala- Pastor, North Ridge Community Church 

"Thank you so much for spending your time with Colin and I this morning. You provided us with so much valuable information and gave us a perfect lesson and training on how to care for your beautiful minis and donkeys!  We look forward to spending much time with these sweet animals at your very organized and welcoming ranch😃" ~Suzanne S.

"Thank you so much for having us and letting me create memories with my family. My grandsons will always remember!" ~Laura Rivero-Contreras

"Good afternoon! I wanted to share something that happened today. I was meeting with a __ year old to match her with her new mentor. This young lady has been through a lot in her short life and was pretty shut down, not really willing to engage in conversation with me and very sullen. After talking for a few minutes, mostly one sided conversation from me, she mentioned how she loves horses. I pulled out my cell, went to FB and showed her your minis......Oh my goodness, night and day change in her behavior! She moved closer to me and watched as I scrolled through the pictures, squealing with delight! For about 2 and a half minutes she watched as I pulled picture after picture up becoming more animated and engaged. Wanting to know their names, ages and if they liked getting dressed up. By the time her mentor came she was a bubbly, excited little girl. As I left the match meeting, my heart full I could hear them talking and getting to know each other. You do powerful work and I am not so sure the match meeting would have been as successful without your pictures. So thank you!" ~Laura P.- Tutor/Mentor, Outreach Coordinator for Arizonans for Children  

"Linda. I didn't get to thank you last night but you and your crew added so much to this great event. So grateful for your amazing service to our church and community." ~Mike Burnidge- Pastor, North Ridge Community Church

"​​This is simply a FANTASTIC charity. Linda is an AMAZING angel who is one of the most giving people I have ever met!! I am sooooo very happy to be a part of this. It is therapy for me, too. As many of you know, dealing with my drug and alcohol addicted son has been an incredibly horrible several years, filled with heartache and pain. My new found mini grandchildren are so beautifully soothing and healing. They make me smile. I love it!!" ~Nancy D.- Volunteer and Creative Team Angel

"Hi Linda!! First of all you did great today. You nailed it. Thank you for your business we greatly appreciate. I was so happy to get good feed back on the food. I immediately called my husband and told him that everyone loved the food. We are happy and is one more reason we love to cook. I just want to let you know you, your husband, and everyone that has been there have been so kind and welcoming to us. I feel blessed to have come across such a wonderful soul like yourself. You, your hubby and all the little angels you have in your backyard are truly a blessing to so many of us. You guys truly touch hearts. I'm so happy to be able to be a part of your team. Thank you so much! Have a blessed day." ~Lilly Ponce- Owner of Fuego Taco Shop

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment for the kids to volunteer and learn compassion for animals and all the people you help. The story you share and life you model for us is truly remarkable and I appreciate that we can be a small part of it." ~The Petrine Family

"Thank you Linda for such a great day. I know we didn’t want to leave. The minis are adorable, fun to be with and the perfect size. We loved grooming them and walking them around. Plus the cookie trick at the end was pretty cool. We will be looking forward to spending more time with them once you all get settled in Cave Creek." ~The Nicholson Family

"What an incredible visit with so many WOW moments! Stories about operating a petting zoo from memories past and big smiles spreading across so many faces when they saw these sweet angels! Thank you, Linda, and all your wonderful volunteers for blessing my residents at Desert Flower!" ​~Michon Jablonski 

"So thankful for Linda and her wonderful volunteers and ponies visit to our patients homes! Here are a few pictures of the incredible experience!! We love Mobile Minis! Mini Hoofprints touching many hearts!" ~Hospice Sanctuary

"My horse-crazy daughter and I recently visited your ranch with some other homeschoolers from Eastside Explorers. What a beautiful facility and well-loved, well-cared for animals! And what an amazing ministry--you have such a generous spirit and heart to serve others! Anna had such a lovely time, and has talked about coming to help groom the horses ever since...Let us know--we'd love to come and help." ~Mary

"We had such a good time with you guys on Wednesday! You truly made the residents’ day, probably even their week" ~Olive Lowe- Acacia Health Center

"Thank you for a great morning, Linda Ann Vataha. I learn more at each session. Volunteering for Mobile Minis has been an enriching experience for me." ~Mary Alba Kurth

"Thank you for a wonderful experience today. On the way home Reina asked if we could go back tomorrow. That about the highest compliment......coming from a young child expressing how she really felt.  She could not wait until she got home to tell her Mom about it." ~ A Big Brother of Big Brothers Big Sisters

"I love this! Those are the cutest pictures! The Bridge is such a unique environment and its own little world. Isn’t it wonderful to see the kids blossom during their time there? Thank you for all you do. The memories you and your mini’s are creating are going to last these families a life time." ~Laura- Project Manager at Save the Family Foundation of AZ

"It was such a pleasure and an honor to be in the presence of you, your volunteers, and beautiful Miss Pebbles and Baby Blue. Your horses are absolutely precious! Thank you for all you do in providing love and joy to patients!" ~Kay Fontana, M.A.Ed.- Volunteer & Bereavement Coordinator at Sage Hospice & Palliative Care

"Thank you for visiting my Father ___ and the other residents at Sagewood's Acacia Skilled Nursing Unit. The nurses told me today how much he enjoys the visits and the horses. I appreciate what you do and hope you can visit again soon!" ~Nicolette

"Thank you for this! for the pictures!! for YOU!! for those little horses who bring more joy than anyone can comprehend!" ~Alanna Petrusich


"Special thank you to Linda and her volunteers from Mobile Minis for bringing such joy to our residents. Pebbles and Blue were such a delight and we are looking forward your next visit!" ~Scottsdale Memory Care Center

"Thank you, Linda! The boys haven't stopped talking about it since we left your house. Thanks for the photos, too!  I'll figure out another time that we can come out and we'll be in touch." ~Steffany S.- Homeschool Parent

"My happy place! These beautiful animals provide me with therapy helpful for my anxiety. Thank you so much Linda for letting me come spend time with my buddy Samson and your minis." ~Amy R.- Volunteer

"Thank you so much for having us over today! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your amazing horses! You are such an inspiration for all the volunteer work you do and that you are living your passion! I can't imagine a better combination!! We look forward to working with you in the future." ~Shannon at Hospice Sanctuary

"Good afternoon!  I wanted to send a quick thank you for bringing Baby Blue and Pebbles to our Bridge facility last Thursday.  It was pretty special to see the children’s reaction to these beautiful ponies!"  ~Laura Pahules- Project Manager at Save the Family

"Thank you Linda! You & the mini's were awesome & made so many happy!!" ~Marty Bowers, RN at Shea Estates Assisted Living

"Such an awesome thing you're doing with your minis and so happy to have seen a part of it today!"  ~Lorene at Hospice Sanctuary

"It was so much fun, I'll be back. Thank you Linda!" ~Marianne B.- Volunteer  

"Aww, thank you so much for having us. We had so much fun with them and my mom loved the photos! They are so sweet and precious and fed our spirits with joy. The love and blessings these minis give you is so worth every minute you spend with them! They are so sweet. May God continue to bless your ministry with them. ♡"  ~Louise H.- Volunteer

"Linda you have found your gift that God has given you. That blessing I can see through these pictures how you bring joy to those who God loves. You are a beautiful vessel inside and out. God bless you in your journey♡"  ~Deb C.  

"Hi Linda, 

Thank you so much coming to our event at Save The Family! Your ponies were absolutely adorable and I loved seeing the kids connect with the them. It may have been the first time some of them have ever had the opportunity to feed a pony. I am truly grateful for you joining us yesterday. You made the day extra special."  ~Jamila Watson at Parties On Purpose

"I have hoped that if I am reincarnated that I would be one of Linda's horses....but please don't make me wear the shoes! (do they have Muck Boots for horses?)"  ~Bob Crowley- Winner of Survivor Gabon 

"I so love what you are doing & how you are doing it. You are providing such a wonderful service for our communities. Happy to facilitate & connect! We are so fortunate to have you & your mini's for such important service. I am happy to help out in any way needed!" Marty B., RN  

"Thank you for all you do for others.  You have an immeasurable loving and giving heart. I hope this donation helps a little." ~Jessica C.- Volunteer 


"Thanks again for everything--at co-op on Thursday I hear all over again what a great time the kids had. You and your wonderful horses are truly special [😊] [😊] [😊]"  ~Mary M.- Mom of the birthday girl!

"Our troop cannot thank you enough for the unique experience we had yesterday. It was a perfect fit for our "3 Cheers for Animals" journey badge and overall a wonderful time. The girls raved about it and I am sure they will for a long time! Your kindness and generosity is SO appreciated." ~Kate- Troop Leader