How many miniature horses do you have?

We have 8 miniature horses (or shall I say, they have us!). 

How old are your horses?

Our horses currently range in age from 4 years old to 15 years old. 

Where do your horses come from?

Most of our minis are rescues and some were donated to our Mobile Minis family.  Each horse has their own story.

Do you breed your minis?

No, we just rescue them or accept them as donations. We do not breed because there are so many minis out there that are in need of a great, loving home. We have never purchased a miniature horse. We actually have a waiting list of minis to be added to our Mobile Minis family.  Unfortunately we cannot rescue ALL of the minis that reach out to us. We have a limit on how many we can have on our property. Minis require lots of love and expenses for veterinary care, dental care, farrier care, feed, hay, etc. I wish we could take all of the rescues that come our way, but unfortunately we cannot.

Where do the horses in the Mobile Minis family live?

The horses live with their two legged family (Linda & John Vataha) in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. 

How do the horses travel to off-site visits?

We don't use the ordinary horse trailer. We purchased a mini shuttle bus and converted it to a real "mini" shuttle bus! Friends & volunteers of ours, Mr. & Mrs. Ingerto constructed the wonderful build out on our bus. The minis travel in complete comfort and style! They have air condition, heat, rubber non-slip flooring, lots of windows, supplies of all kinds and of course...treats! They love to look out the window!  

How do I schedule a visit for a mini at my location or at the barn?

You can schedule one here, email us directly at, or call 215-500-2516. Our schedule fills up VERY quickly. We also wish we could say yes to every request, but unfortunately, we cannot as there are only so many hours in the day and so many needs to fill.  

How long does an off-site visit last?

We normally try to keep our off-site visits (to your location) to approximately 30-45 minutes for an indoor visit. Outdoor events can be a little longer. 

How far do you travel?

We normally try to keep our visits within a reasonable geographic range. Since we are 100% volunteer-run, our awesome volunteers meet us on location during site visit days using their own gas and travel time. We try to keep the travel time under 1 hour round-trip from our barn.  

What if a horse has to poop?

The horses are taken off food and water 2-3 hours prior to their site visit. This in no way guarantees that they will not need to relieve themselves. It just lessens the chances. We carry clean up supplies in the event of a potty emergency on each visit. The horses do wear horse diapers. They work most of the time. There is always a chance of a potty emergency but we are all prepared to handle it. We have clean up supplies with us at all times. 

Do you go inside?

Yes, we do. Our site visit location would be a outside courtyard, parking lot, ground level of a facility or an inside lobby area close to an exit so if we need to excuse ourselves for a potty break we can get outside rather promptly. 

Is there a fee to have a mini visit our location?

No, we are a 501c3 non-profit run by volunteers. There is never a charge for anything that we do.

What if we want to send a donation?

If someone feels led to donate to our Mobile Minis outreach, they can do so here or mailing in a check to Mobile Minis. A thank you note and tax donation receipt will be sent out to the donor within a week or two for their tax records. 

Can we feed the mini when they come visit?

Unfortunately, no. If we allow people to feed the minis on site visits, it will create a habit of the mini looking for treats from everyone they visit. The mini gets lots of praise and treats from the volunteers when the site visit is complete.   

Can we come out to the barn?

Absolutely! Every visit is scheduled in advance. We keep our volunteer visits to no more than 8 participants. This way everyone has an awesome experience with their own mini. We have individuals, groups, school field trips, etc. come out to the barn. 

What happens when we come out to the Mobile Minis barn to volunteer?

Everyone learns safety first and how we handle our minis, so the mini knows what is expected of them. We groom, care for, exercise and socialize with the minis, giving them lots of love!  We also do about ten minutes of mini care chores which includes filling hay bags, water bucks and do a little poo scooping. It is thera-poo-tic! You never have to do anything you don't want to. Some days we will take them for a walk through then neighborhood or build a fun obstacle course for them. Every session involves grooming and loving our furry family.  

Can we feed the minis at the barn?

Yes, after the barn volunteer session is complete everyone who wants to will have a chance to give the mini a treat. The catch...the minis will do a trick for the treat! We've even had volunteers bring snacks for the minis. We ask that if you bring carrots or apples that they are cut into small pieces to prevent choking. We love the baby carrots as they seem to be a perfect bite size snack! 

Can we ride the minis at the barn?

No, we do not ride our minis. While they can pull 2-3 times their weight, they can only hold about 50 lbs on their back. Plus, our insurance agent says our rates would be astronomical if we allowed riding.  

What if I want to be a volunteer handler or helper to go out on a site visit with Mobile Minis?

That is great! You need to go through special training with Linda and her team, a handler/helper orientation and background check before doing so. It is fun, easy and free! Express your interest to us and we will make it happen!

Do I have to make any long-term commitments to volunteer with you?

No, you do not. Just one hour at a time. You control your schedule. You can sign up for as many or as few site visits or barn visits that you would like. You can also cancel at any time by taking yourself off the schedule, as we know life happens and appointments arise.  

What is Mini Tales?

Mini Tales is a fun and exciting reading program to help promote literacy! Our Mini Tales events are so much fun! The session is 1 hour long. We have a colorful sand timer that goes for ten minutes. In that time the reader reads to a very interested and non-judgmental miniature horse overseen by a volunteer in case the reader has trouble with some words. When the ten minutes are up, the reader can switch books and/or switch horses. 

Do you have school field trips to the Mobile Minis barn?

Yes we do! We partner with the local school districts and the bus will bring small groups of 8 learning support children and/or special needs students to the barn for a field trip. They learn safety, groom and socialize with their own mini, have lots of fun and then finish with a picnic lunch before heading back to school on the school bus.